Canadian Licensee Opportunities

TouchUp RX licensing opportunities are currently available in various parts of Canada with the exception of certain locations or territories where a current licensee operates. This page is regularly updated with our current areas of focus listed below.  We invite you to proactively submit your interest to us by following the steps below. You will receive both an automated response acknowledging receipt of your interest as well as a personal response shortly thereafter.

Exclusive Market Areas Available:

British Columbia & Alberta

British Columbia – Exclusive Market Areas Available
Many Exclusive Market Areas are Still Available in Alberta Outside of Calgary

Saskatchewan & Manitoba

Manitoba – Exclusive Market Areas Available
Saskatchewan – Exclusive Market Areas Available


Some Exclusive Market Areas Available In Ontario

Eastern Canada

Exclusive Market Areas in the Eastern Provinces are Currently Available

Our Licensee Process

Thank you for your interest in TouchUp RX Licensing! Please spend a few minutes to learn about our Licensee Program and process.

Step One:

Learn more about the commonly asked questions regarding our Licensee Program by reviewing our FAQ page. Furthermore, find out why TouchUp RX is the right licensee for you.

Step Two:

Confirm if the market you are interested in is currently available.  Listed above are the main regions currently featured; this list is not exhaustive. Have a territory in mind that’s not listed? Check which territories are covered by our current Licensees here or ask, we’re happy to help.

Step Three:

Review the following Licensee Questionnaire to see if you meet the minimum requirements in order to proceed with your licensee application.

Click to view the Licensee Questionnaire

Questions to consider prior to submitting an application:

  1. Do I enjoy demonstrating a proven product and service and making sales calls on both commercial and consumer targets?
  2. Do I have the drive to develop a successful service based business?
  3. Do I like dealing with people?
  4. Do I have the financial ability to make the purchase of an exclusive territory?
  5. Do I have the financial ability to pay my overhead expenses while I build my territory sales?


Step Four:

Once your Licensee Application is submitted, you will then be prompted to meet/communicate with our team to discuss details and for final approval and site confirmation.