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Dealers, What is one of the top reasons that customers walk away from a vehicle?

Often it’s the appearance of the vehicle that will make or break the deal.

Today’s Pre Owned Vehicle Buyer is more savvy then ever and has more tools to help him choose the best vehicle. More buyers are going to dealerships to see which vehicle from the area is the best choice. That means your vehicle is competing between the same vehicle at a number of dealerships, in this environment you absolutely need yours to look it’s best!

Why let chips or scratches cost you a sale?

Paint Chip Repair & Scratch Repair

What is the cost of a car sitting on the lot for weeks, only to be wholesaled, versus the cost of making sure your vehicles look great? In fact the cost to repair chips on an entire vehicle is a fraction of what it would cost to send it to the body shop.  Our repairs both Paint Chip Repair and Scratch Repair are done on site in your lot so you won’t have to send the car offsite for days.

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We are the number one Paint Chip Repair system in the world!

We are the repair choice for ADESA, Ford, Chrysler and numerous other manufacturers from coast to coast in Canada.

Dealership FAQ

Many dealerships have asked us the same questions, so we’ve put together some answers to help you out. Have a question that’s not listed? Feel free to Contact Us we’re happy to answer any questions you may have!

Should I just wait until the customer complains and then fix it?

Waiting until the customer sees the paint chips it is a sure way to lose sales. First they may not ask, they may just move on and get the other car they saw which didn’t have any chips. Even if they do ask, not only are you adding hassle and extra time for your customer to take delivery, you can be sure they will go over the entire vehicle with a fine tooth comb and you may spend even more making repairs then if you had just fixed it to begin with. Why Risk it? Repair it and make sure you don’t lose sales to the competition!

Sales are slow through the winter months, do we really need to do it?

When sales slow down the last thing you want is a customer to walk away from a vehicle because they see stone chips or a some rust showing on some stone chips. Don’t lose a single sale to stone chips!

We have tried other companies and it hasn’t worked/lasted, are your repairs different?

We have been in business for 10 years +, we are in 6 countries and growing! We are a permanent repair. The next step other then having us fix the chips is to spend big money in the body shop and that’s not always the best option is it? We have been written up in the Wall Street Journal, we have thousands of dealers across multiple countries that rely on our repairs to make their vehicles ready for sale.

Is it Expensive to Have Chips or Scratches Repaired?

All our dealers agree, the cost to fix stone chips and unsightly scratches is far less than the cost of letting the car sit on the lot because people are turned off by the chips and walk away.

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